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Central Virginia Tactical - Participants' Testimonials

U.S. Treasury Department Executive Protection Detail
Washington, D.C.

"The Farm is a great place to shoot and Vern is a wealth of knowledge. I don't care how much you think you know or if you think you have done it all, YOU WILL LEARN MORE when you get out there with Vern. I recommend if you come anywhere within 100 miles of CVT and you have your rifle � make a detour no matter what the cost is."

Civilian Defense Contractor - Iraq
Charlotte, N.C.

"Vern is a very down to earth, nuts and bolts shooter and instructor. While he knows the intricate details of everything he does and says, he won't overload you with details unless you want them.

He has actually done everything he teaches, so he knows what works and what doesn't. And he has the trophies and world records to prove it. Hard to beat this combination.

You can't shoot with Vern and NOT learn something that will improve your performance.

All in all, it was a very, very informative couple of days with a gracious host and a knowledgeable rifle instructor.

I plan on returning soon. I�ve gained an unbelievable amount of info on the whole precision and long range shooting sport.

Next up for me is reloading, using the things I learned at CVT."

Anthony S.
Law Enforcement Psychologist

I've had a whole boatload of handgun training from some pretty good folks including; Massad Ayoob (on whose staff I presently train), Marty Hayes, Clint Smith, Ray Chapmann, Robby Barkmann, Bob Taubert, Chuck Taylor, Tom Aveni, Bert Duvernay, Ken Good and Mark Warner of Strategos Intl' (on whose staff I'm an adjunct).

My rifle training was with USMC 19--, Parris Island, SC, and then ITR at Camp Geiger, NC until I got sent to Okinawa by way of Pendleton. I qualified Expert w/ the MI Garand.

In my other life I'm a Police Psychologist. In that capacity I have been asked to provide commentary regarding "What does a sniper go through?" when he has to take a shot.

Because I have had no direct training in "sniper" work, I consulted Rod Ryan at Storm Mountain and was admitted into what was, for me at least, a very advanced sniper training course modeled after the FBI Sniper protocol.

While I qualified (with a lot of assistance from the instructors), it was clear to me that there was a whole ton of information about the sniper specialty that I was utterly stupid about. (Not that Rod, his staff and my shooting partner didn't do a good job helping me to learn - they did. They did a helluva good job of it or I wouldn't have qualified. I just realized that there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.)

So it was in that context that I set about trying to find a place that would help me learn how to shoot at long range and learn the skills that would stand me in good stead when asked difficult questions about the Law Enforcement sniper's role.

Thanks to my contacts at Sniper�s Paradise, I found Vern Harrison and Central Virginia Tactical.

Vern is a genius instructor. He teaches all the time; even when you're just riding along in his truck, having breakfast, loading gear, whatever. He started me from absolute scratch (because in fact, that's where I was/am.)

He taught me how to mil range, use my logbook to accurately acquire data, gauge wind, note the changes in lighting and conditions as they would affect the shot, get a good solid shooting position, maintain a solid cheek weld throughout the process of acquiring the target, load the weapon, chamber the round, firing and following through; everything one needs to fully understand the process involved in taking an accurate, long range shot.

Vern teaches from the Socratic method. He never gives you the answers! He asks the questions that are relevant to the problem at hand. If you follow his questions, they will lead naturally to the correct answer.

Another critical element that exemplifies what an excellent instructor Vern is stems not only from his military record of having really �been there and done that," but also from his willingness to get down on the ground and shoot the same course of fire as he asks his students to do.

Every good handgun instructor I've had has done that. Vern puts his skills on the line in real time, and demonstrates that no matter how difficult the shot, it can be done, repeatedly and consistently.

Same with the other good men I've trained with. Just to watch Vern shoot is an education in its own right.

I'm certainly going back to train more with Vern. (I am also going to learn how to reload for the custom .300 WinMag that Vern is coaching me on how to build.)

For anyone looking for the ultimate "hands-on� train-up, give a weekend to Central Virginia Tactical with Vernon Harrison. Vern is "da man."

Name Confidential
U.S. Army Lieutenant

"For anyone never formally trained or unsure about your skills in the tactical rifle arena, a trip to CVT is definately worth making. Vern is one of the most patient instructors you could ever hope for and has a way of teaching you so that it really sticks.

Even if you are on the other side of the country, if you can save up the money, take a trip, you will never find a better man or precision rifle instructor than Vern."

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