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vernon harrison, rifle instructor
vernon harrison longrange rifle instructor

Primary instruction in all long range precision rifle training courses is administered by Central Virginia Tactical's owner and founder, Vernon Harrison.

"The thing about accuracy with a rifle is that it can't be purchased, stolen or lost.

It can only be learned, practiced and further developed.

It's up to the individual and how much dedication he or she is willing to put in, in order to become an accurate long range precision rifleman."
- Vernon Harrison
Former US Army Sniper
Vietnam Veteran
Benchrest Champion
Rifle Instructor

Vernon Harrison grew up hard and fast in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Raised by his grandfather, a former U.S. Army rifle instructor who defended his country throughout World War II, young Vernon was rigorously trained in the Army's rifle marksmanship method.

"Vern" began shooting at age six. By the time he was large enough to hold it steady, his firearm was a 1903 Springfield topped with a Unertl 8x scope.

As a teenager, Vern honed his tracking, fieldcraft and shooting skills in the mountains and countryside. Putting food on the table and earning the respect of his grandfather was his sole reward.

In 1970, the nineteen year-old was called to service in the controversial Vietnam conflict raging in Southeast Asia.

Already a skilled hunter, tracker and backcountry survivalist, the 101st Airborne Division identified Vernon's value almost immediately. He was assigned to the Army's first Vietnam-era sniper training program, an "on the job training" assignment that consisted of two weeks preparation for life in the jungle � hunting the enemy.

Throughout fourteen life-changing months in Vietnam, Vern served his country with distinction. He was twice wounded in battle and briefly captured.

The skills Vern and many other soldiers developed and applied, saved countless American and allied lives during this brutal conflict.

After discharge from the U.S. Army, Vern, like many Vietnam veterans, struggled with reintegration into a society that had no apparent understanding of the price paid by the soldiers who served in Vietnam. Rather than turning his conflicts inward, he refocused his efforts on training others in the valuable skills of the precision rifleman.

Since the mid-1970's Vernon Harrison has trained both civilian and law enforcement shooters, including federal agents with the FBI, DEA, state and local police organizations.

As the first president of the IBS 1000-yard Benchrest Club in Quantico, Virginia, Vern authored that organization's rule book and competed nationally for top ranking among the nation's best riflemen. During his tenure with the Virginia Benchrest Club, he set numerous long range records � including world records that held until just recently.

After a debilitating workplace accident in 2001, Vern was left partially disabled. Determined to continue competing and training, he now limits his match schedule to include only F-T/R class prone matches at 600 yards and 1000 yards.

Vern's training schedule for civilian and law enforcement shooters is brisk and often physically challenging. Yet � his determination to train America one rifleman at a time, remains undeterred.

Precision long range rifle training is his lifelong passion and still his number one priority.

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