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1500 yard rifle range with rifles on the firing line
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The Farm - Central Virginia Tactical's 1500 yard Rifle Range & Training Grounds

Central Virginia Tactical operates on 600 acres of privately owned property in rural central Virginia.

Affectionately referred to as "The Farm", CVT's rifle ranges and training grounds cut across a breathtakingly beautiful swath of rolling countryside.

CVT's most challenging rifle range offers 1500 yards of rolling, long range firing. Unlike competing facilities that offer a flat, unobstructed and largely sterile laboratory-like firing range, the Farm provides a real-world environment with all the challenges necessary to learning to shoot accurately in less than ideal, real-world conditions.

Our open rifle range is perfectly suited to unknown distance exercises from 50 to 1500 yards, wind reading exercises and learning accurate precision rifle technique in all seasons.

In addition, the Farm is also ideally suited to stalks, concealed firing position training, night firing and surgical hostage interdiction.

At the Farm you will fire from foothill to foothill, with converging and ever-changing wind conditions that must be read accurately; using the skills you will develop through our precision long range rifle marksmanship training programs.

For larger groups, classroom activities are conducted in a comfortable facility in near Louisa, Virginia (just a few minutes drive from the Farm).

With smaller and less formal groups, classroom activities are conducted in the comfort of the instructor's private residence and workshop.

Best of all, we train seven days a week at Central Virginia Tactical.
We schedule our training programs at your convenience. We provide one-on-one precision rifle coaching as well as small group marksmanship instructions.

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