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Central Virginia Tactical - Long range rifle training
Long Range Rifle Training Target
Central Virginia Tactical offers private rifle marksmanship training programs scheduled at your convenience. Our one-on-one sessions allow you to focus exclusively on furthering the art and science of long range precision rifle.

Our students come from all walks of life, arriving with varying degrees of skill with the rifle and military field tactics. Every student who attends one or more of our customized long range precision rifle training programs leaves CVT a more accurate, better prepared rifleman - ready to proceed confidently to the next stage in his/her precision rifle career.
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sniper behind the rifle
TRAINING || CVT's curriculum focuses exclusively on accuracy with the rifle and successfully making the difficult precision, long range "one shot".
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THE FARM || Central Virginia Tactical operates on 600 acres of privately owned property in central Virginia. Affectionately referred to as "The Farm", CVT's rifle and training ranges cut across a breathtakingly beautiful swath of rolling countryside.

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INSTRUCTORS || Primary instruction in all courses is administered by CVT owner and founder, Vernon Harrison.

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TESTIMONIALS || Learn what others have to say about their training experiences with CVT.
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PARTNERS || Business partners, affiliations and preferred suppliers.
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